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Why it is important to look after your vital organs

August 30, 2017

Look after your Vital Organs

Screenshot_20170830-164454-01.jpegLast week I watched a program about the horrendous and illegal Trade of Organ Trafficking and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.  I believe and many others would too… that it is one thing to donate or receive a donated body part from a person who has either passed away, through natural causes, or an unfortunate accident… but most certainly not from an unwilling prisoner, hostage, or child slave. 

Too often, it can be a body part from an incredibly poor exploited person who desperately needs a small sum of money for a better life.  There are cases where people decide to sell their own organs, for example; a kidney or a section of their liver, but end up cheated afterwards with a fraction of the promised money.  Sometimes they are not medically treated appropriately after surgery and often left with massive wounds.  As it’s illegal, they are afraid to speak up to the authorities for fear of retribution.  They can die of complications in surgery or post-surgery through poor medical and hygiene practices.

There has become a huge global demand for healthy body parts for transplantation, where the demand is exceeding the numbers of body parts available. Trading in human organs is illegal in most countries around the word, though organ trafficking is widespread, and has become a form of tourism drawing people to various countries. 

Many involved include people ranging from underworld middlemen tricking people into selling their parts, to doctors and hospitals performing surgery without questioning where the body parts are coming from.  It has even been suggested that ISIS has been involved in making fortunes from this gruesome trade.  All of which is sadly driving the multibillion dollar black market industry. 

Desperate individuals are paying enormous sums of money for Kidney’s, Corneas, Livers, Pancreas, Lungs and Hearts, and more… without necessarily knowing where their body parts have come from… and I’m sure if they did, they’d be horrified!

Which brings me back to the point, your Health is your Wealth.  Too many of us take our health for granted.  We have the mindset that this won’t happen to us.  We blindly carry on our existence that this will be someone else’s reality not ours.  We go on doing what we consider to be living our life to the fullest. 

Admittedly many people do have a hereditary disposition to some specific illnesses or come into contact with various diseases through no fault of their own, that can breakdown the healthy functioning of their vital organs.  But how many of us forget to take care of our vital organs?  Some of us may drink every day excusing it as way to wind down at the end of a hard-stressful day, or excuse it by saying “I only drink at the weekends”… but could a weekends drinking, be a session of binge drinking?

In your heart of hearts, you will know the answer.  Do you ever question whether your body likes or dislikes something that you’ve eaten?  For example, how many times do we smell hot chips and crave them only to feel disgusting once we’ve eaten them?  Sometimes we don’t feel any different because our bodies are so used to being fed rubbish, that we are unaware of how it feels to be jumping out of our skin when eating a healthy balanced diet.

Your eyes, your skin and your nails are often a sign that your body is signally you to make a change and to start looking after yourself.  Your body is a vehicle that needs to successfully carry you through your entire life.  Your successful longevity within the workforce is dictated by your health.  Your ability to be a great long-lasting parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent is determined by how well you look after yourself. 

Next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself some honest questions.  Do I look after my body to the best of my ability?  How do I think I could improve myself?  What do I need to stop doing now, to be healthier?  What can I start doing to be healthier?  A good diet is a great way to start, invest in your health, we invite you to try our Gift Pack.  For some quick and healthy ideas download our latest dinner recipe book.

Take care,  Mr Kapai Puku

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